Enzo Bonafè offers an incredible selection of leathers at no extra cost. In addition to their high quality calf and suede they also offer unique leathers such as Superbuck Suede, Inca Grain, Alpine Grain, Fandango (Pin) Grain, Kudu Waxy, Kudu Reverse, Cervo (Deer), Bison, Scotchgrain

These are just a few of the endless possibilities for leathers offered by Enzo Bonafe. Other options that are available for no extra charge which are not pictured here include Horween Russia Hatchgrain, Museum Calf, Betis Calf, Zebù Grain, and Lama

enzo bonafe superbuck

enzo bonafe inca grain

enzo bonafe alpine grain

enzo bonafe pin grain

enzo bonafe kudu waxy

enzo bonafe kudu reverse

enzo bonafe deer

enzo bonafe bison