We are excited to announce our new collection of Belgian Style Tassel Loafers made by Berwick 1707 in Alamansa, Spain.

Belgian Loafers are a staple in every man's wardrobe and have a cult-like following.
They are soft, comfortable, and pair with a wide range of outfits including jeans, chinos, a suit, or even a tuxedo.

Many varieties of Belgian Loafers are in existence including a plain version, with a small bowtie, or with a string. But we have decided to carry only the tassel variety in a wide range of colours. 

Built on the 240 last which fits slim, these loafers fit small so we suggest going up a half size if you have average / narrow feet or a full size if you have slightly wider feet.

Choosing your size also comes down to personal preference on how you like your loafers to fit and whether or not you plan to wear them with socks. 

Unlike other belgian loafers options on the market, we are proud to carry half sizes so you can get a perfect fit. 

All belgian loafers come with a thin leather sole and an added rubber protector. Perfect to keep the sole protected from walking on concrete sidewalks. 

These belgian loafers are produced using blake construction which means the sole is stitched to the upper. This improves durability and allows for the loafers to be resoled.

Belgian Tassel Loafer in Midnight Blue Suede

Belgian Tassel Loafer in Golden Brown Suede

Belgian Tassel Loafer in Black Suede

Belgian Tassel Loafer in Green Suede

Belgian Tassel Loafer in Snuff Brown Suede

Belgian Tassel Loafer in Beige Suede

Belgian Tassel Loafer in Dark Brown Suede