Enzo Bonafè

Enzo Bonafè is a small workshop in the heart of Bologna, Italy that offers an incredible range of products.  Enzo Bonafè has hundreds of styles and lasts that can all be produced in both hand welted and blake stitched construction methods which makes the possibilities endless.  The business is still run by Mr. Bonafè along with his wife Guerrina and children Massimo and Silvia making it a true family run operation. The focus is on quality and craft with only the finest raw materials.

  • Enzo Bonafè

    Style 2364 - Claret Museum Calf

    $550 USD $400 USD
  • Enzo Bonafè

    Style 3672 - Black Calf

    $550 USD
  • Enzo Bonafè

    Almond Toe Shoe Trees

    $100 USD